CFL Vision, Mission and Value Statements


Food to our community. Service to our customers. Honor to our founders.


T – Trust
Every action we take builds loyalty and trust.


R – Respect
Respect is foundational. We demonstrate it in every word and deed.


U – Understanding
We understand the demands on our drivers and demonstrate empathy.


C – Courtesy
Civility, caring and politeness still rule.


K – Knowledge
Continual improvement keeps us sharp.


S – Safety
We act knowing that, to succeed, safety is paramount.


We create an environment where drivers thrive, employees engage and customers flourish.

Interested in joining our professional team of drivers?

Making a job change is a big decision; there are many different factors that come into play beyond just wages and benefits. But we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decision to join the CFL team. We invite you to get to know our recruiters. Give us a call, we think you will see we are different.