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“Here at CFL there’s no numbers. We’re on a first name basis. From day one you get first class accommodations. Why do i work for CFL? Simple fact CFL was ranked as one of the top companies in California to work for. There’s no gimmicks here, it’s all respect. If you want a great company to work for, I would definitely choose CFL. I’ve been here almost five months now and it’s definitely been my home since day one. It’s been amazing! You got an amazing personnel office, you have amazing dispatchers and our recruiting department is top notch. They definitely take care of you. One of the biggest things for me is home time. I’ve been over the road driver and your home whenever they want to get you home, but here at CFL you put in your seven-day notice and you’re home. You’re either home early or right on time. The miles — there’s no end in a miles! I just finished at 3,300 mile a week in six days. It’s endless possibilities here at CFL. You know it’s definitely home for me it’s definitely a family atmosphere here and we’d love to have you sitting at the supper table with us you know we need great drivers here at CFL. “


“I’ve been with CFL for a year and a half now. It has been one of the best companies I have ever driven for. Compared to the other companies it was always a struggle to get home. Always had to fight with the dispatchers. Here at CFL I’ve never had to worry about that. Our dispatchers are like family. They understand what drivers need. When it’s time to take a break our dispatchers work really hard to get us that home time that we need.”


“Hi I’m Randy and I work for CFL as a driver. I’ve been here a year and four months. It’s different than other companies. You have dispatchers can talk to during the day and night. They could get you home when you need home time. Plus we have an outrageous awesome lady as a recruiter named Sarah. You have to meet her. Come and work for CFL. Because I don’t see working for any of these other companies that promise you the world and planet the stars and you end up being nothing but a statistic a number and they could care less about your name. More or less they’re treating their equipment. CFL is good for keeping our equipment running and if you want to run and make the bucks they have the loads so come aboard to CFL .”