Control Your Own Pay

Bonus Programs


At CFL we want you to be successful! Higher levels of driver performance get noticed. We offer bonus programs that recognize, with real cash, the success you are achieving as a professional driver with us.

Weekly Productivity Bonus

We pay all of our drivers an hourly wage for all on-duty hours worked. That is the minimum. On top of that, you can add significantly more to your paycheck based on your productivity as a driver.

Productivity is calculated upon miles driven and pick-ups and deliveries made during the pay period. The more miles you log and the more pick-ups and deliveries you make, the more you see in your paycheck.

Quarterly Fuel Bonus

Fuel bonus is paid on a quarterly basis upon achieving a minimum overall scorecard score and meeting certain criteria in the fuel bonus categories (MPG/idle time/cruise control).

The maximum fuel bonus potential is $450 per quarter.

Driver Referral Bonus

Our referral program will pay up to $500 based on eligibility for new drivers.

Interested in joining our professional team of drivers?

Making a job change is a big decision; there are many different factors that come into play beyond just wages and benefits. But we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decision to join the CFL team. We invite you to get to know our recruiters. Give us a call, we think you will see we are different.